1 Month with silicon M1 macbook pro

My experience with apple silicon m1 macbook pro .

m1 macbook

I bought a macbook pro 512GB with apple silicon m1 chip on November 2020. The reason I wanted to share my personal opinion is the different stories and warning I got from people before buying it.

I am javascript developer and a college undergraduate who is reading for IT degree. I use my macbook for both my studies and work. And also love to play computer games in free time. So I will break my experience in to 3 parts.

Software Development

I mainly use Visual Studio Code as my IDE. There are no big difference while using the IDE. But the possibility of crashing the IDE is higher. (2–3 times crashes for a day). There is a ARM native Visual Studio Code under Microsoft insider program and I tried that as well. But that visual studio code is still a nightmare. It is full of bugs and crashed every 3–5 minutes.

Even though there is nothing wrong with the web applications, there is still huge issue on mobile applications. Still I can’t use my laptop to develop android applications. Every time I get a react-native task I have to pass it to one of my colleges due to this issue.



When comes to gaming macbooks always sucks at this. To try out the gaming experience I have downloaded Fortnite a couple of days ago. Carefully read this line “ If the game got loaded you can play it without an issue even in high graphic settings”. The reason I asked to read the line carefully, there is no guarantee that the game will load everytime. Even the game got loaded it will crash when you are closing the game.

Hopefully these issues will get fixed in the near future.

College works

When comes to creating documentations and other stuff this is a regular macbook. There is no special ground breaking things.

About the RAM

Most people complain about the 8 GB RAM. I don’t know why. In my experience I never got in to an issue with RAM. I do so much multitasking at my work with this mac and never got in to an insufficient RAM issue.

The 8 GB RAM is more than enough.

I am a fullstack JavaScript developer and undergraduate at Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology